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Q: I have chosen Off- Site Bookkeeping Services. What documents do I need to send to The Bookkeeping Firm?
A: You may need to send us by post or via email SOME of the following documents pending on your discussion with our staff members;
Accounts payable invoices (suppliers' bills)
Accounts receivable invoices issued by you to customers
Petty Cash receipts or monthly Petty Cash records
Bank deposit slips (copy of your deposit slips is fine)
Bank and Credit Card Statements
Payroll information needed for Payroll processing (timesheets, sick/holiday hours taken, etc.)
Any new employee personal details (only if we are processing your payroll) such as a copy of an Employment Declaration Form, superannuation membership details, bank account details, hours of work per pay period, pay rate (hourly/annual salary), employment terms (F/T, P/T, casual, contractor etc)

Q: What is the difference between on-site and off-site bookkeeping?
A: On-site bookkeepers are sent by The Bookkeeping Firm to the client's office and they then carry out the bookkeeping work there. In off-site bookkeeping services, the data is to be sent to The Bookkeeping Firm by email or by post and then the bookkeeper will complete the data entry and reports on the firm's premises.

Q: Should I employ a full time bookkeeper or should I hire a contract bookkeeper?
A: Let's have a look at the differences in cost:
When employing a full time bookkeeper you can expect to pay a salary between 50 to70k plus 9% Superannuation for a competent employee.
Also consider the additional costs namely 'employee entitlements' such as Sick Leave, Public Holidays, Annual Leave, and also Community Service Leave.
Workers Compensation Insurance costs, and which is also applicable to some sub-contractors working at your premises.
This alone would add another 10-15k to the employees' initial annual salary!
Let's alone all those hours you would spend reading resumes, replying to applications and carrying out time consuming interviews.

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